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So you want me to tell you the secret to being a successful leader, huh?

Ok. I guess I can share it.
After all, you’ve been a loyal follower of mine. I suppose it’s the least I can do.

Here you go. Get ready. The secret to being a successful leader is….

Make your bed every day

You may have heard this from Admiral William McRaven in his 2014 University of Texas commencement speech.

What I’m here to tell you are the five reasons why he is right.

It seems ridiculous, I know.
But stick with me on this.

You see, I was like you. I thought it was ridiculous too.

My parents made me make my bed every morning when I was a kid. I didn’t like doing it and I didn’t understand why they insisted on it.

Like most other kids, I complained about the inanity of it all (though I wasn’t smart enough to use 4-syllable words like that back then.)

I mean, it’s not like anybody was ever going to see my bed or judge me for it not being made. On top of that, all I’m going to do is mess it all up again when I go to sleep. I mean, why even bother making my bed just to mess it up again?

Despite my complaints, I respected my parents’ wishes, so every day I made the gosh darn bed.

Apparently, the habit stuck with me.

When I got to college I made my bed there too.

And when I graduate