When it comes to traffic lights, New York City wins.

If you’re driving on almost any of the north- or south-bound avenues, all of the traffic lights are synced.

What I mean is that once one of the lights turns green, the next traffic lights down the road sequentially start turning green.

In a city filled with stops and starts, this is one moment where you can fly. You can zip through the blocks, one after another, without ever having to slow down.

The simple act feels like freedom. It makes me want to climb out of the sunroof and do my best “I’m king of the world!” Leo impression.

I want life to be like that. I want life to be a series of green lights that seemingly never end.

And this conveniently brings me around to you.
I love it when that happens.

traffic light of your life - don't enter

The Three Colors of Life

I’ve determined that there are three kinds of people in the world and, as it so happens, they are consistent with the colors of the traffic signal. They are red light, yellow light, and green light people.

Let me explain.

First, there are the red light people. They are the ones who always bring things to an abrupt halt.

Red light people seem to spend their lives looking for reasons to complain.

Their behavior seems focused on stopping themselves – and others – from moving forward.

I find red light people frustrating. But that’s me.

I’m sure you know a red light person or two. Inevitably, you’ve probably worked with at least one of them. They are the ones who always think every idea is bad. But they can never come up with a better solution on their own. They seem to simply complain for the sake of complaining.

That is just how a red light person works.

Red light people continually use words like “can’t” and “won’t”. They aren’t looking for answers to the questions, they’re just complaining about the questions.

The red light people get stuck at red lights and complain that they have all the bad luck.

I’m always the one that gets stuck here,” they say. As if they’re the victim. As if they aren’t responsible for their own attitude.

Once the light turns green, they are just waiting for the next red light so they can say “See?! I told you I always get red lights!

Red light people make the yellow light people seem light and easy-going.