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A Poem About Jeff

Jeff was born in Philly,
But don’t think that makes him silly,
He grew up outside of New York,
And was 32 before he ever tasted pork.

But none of that is info you will care about,
It’s his mind for business that makes people want to shout,
He’s got more insights than most people dream about,
There’s nothing more he loves than helping other people out.

He’s an avid problem solver, that’s what he knows,
His focus is on helping mid-sized companies grow,
He’s a results driven leader who helps make you more money,
Like he’s done for Citi, Nestle, Gannett, Omnicom and Sony.

He’s a 3x entrepreneur and successful corporate leader,
He’s part consultant, part therapist and a tiny part teacher.
He’s been called a “leader’s leader”, which is quite nice,
He’s really easy to talk to if you want some advice.

So let’s wrap up this poem, it’s gone on long enough,
The point that I’m making shouldn’t be too tough,
If you want creativity and smarts and solutions for growth,
You should talk to Jeff, it will benefit us both.

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