“The most important thing I’ve ever done for my career”

Leaders are typically only aware of 4% of the problems in their company. That means leadership is oblivious to 96% of the problems frustrating employees.

It’s called the Iceberg of Ignorance.
It’s a problem.
The Growth Assessment is the solution.

This 360-degree assessment of your company explores key factors related to productivity, leadership and, well, growth.

One leader recently said to me that “it’s the single most important thing I’ve done for my career.”

So whatcha waiting for?
Let’s talk about transforming your company.


  • Issues with business operations
  • Communication challenges
  • Marketplace reputation
  • Trust and respect for leadership


  • Deep dive calls with select personnel
  • Survey to decision-makers
  • Survey to employees
  • Detailed analysis and actionable steps for growth