If you think you procrastinate, you’re wrong.
Procrastination isn’t a real thing.

Procrastination is a concept made up by humans that only applies to humans. As far as I know, no other species has a sense of procrastination.

In fact, humans didn’t start fully utilizing the term “procrastination” until the 16th century when industrialization began to take hold. After all, with more industrialization came longer to-do lists.

Long to-do lists are the petri dish for feelings of procrastination.

In my executive coaching business, I dabble in uncovering the underlying reasons for my clients’ behaviors. Very often I speak with leaders who are disappointed with their procrastination habits.

“You don’t have a procrastination problem,” I tell them.

“What do you mean?” they inevitably reply. “Yes, I do.”

“No, I’m telling you,” I find myself telling them. “You don’t have a procrastination problem. What you have is a prioritization problem.”

Then they pause and silently ponder my comments, trying to understand what the heck I mean.