In Case You Missed It…

Would you risk your life and your freedom for $100k?

If your answer is some version of “no way, Jose” then you should probably cross ‘double agent’ off your potential side hustle list.

If you watch enough Jason Bourne or Mission Impossible movies, you may begin to believe that double agents are rolling in the Benjamins. They’re not.

Notorious double agent Robert Hanssen, who gave US secrets to the KGB for 15 years, only averaged $93k per year in espionage earnings.

The Falcon and the Snowman chaps (watch the movie), only made a total of $77k between the two of them.

Granted, these are all tax free dollars, but still, it’s not like you’re buying a new Tesla with the money you made from selling your country up the river.

A used, 10 year old Nissan maybe.
A new Tesla… no chance.

This then begs the question about motivations.