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I’ve gotten very lucky at least 8 times in my life:

  • When I was 12, I blindly ran across a busy road without looking for traffic
  • At 16, a car swerved over the yellow line and hit me head on
  • At 18, I mistakenly ran a red light, just 1/4 of a second short of being t-boned by a speeding truck
  • At 21, I got into a car driven by my very drunk friend. He reached 80mph on a 25mph road when he lost control of the car
  • At 22, I was with a different friend who was driving drunk. The car hit a construction pylon on a major highway at night. We spun in circles and stalled, in the dark, no lights on, facing oncoming traffic barreling towards us at 70mph
  • At 25, I was mountain biking alone in a restricted area and slid off a cliff side. I had to hang there for hours until I was found
  • At 32, I went over a jump while mountain biking alone. I lost control and landed on my head, miles from any other person

And then there was last week.

While out for a run I blindly tripped on a lip in the sidewalk. I stumbled for 3 or 4 steps before falling forward and ramming at full force, head first, into a stone wall.

I felt my spine compress. I screamed in intense pain. I writhed on the ground.

Ambulance. Emergency room. CAT scans.

Two broken bones in my back (acute fractures of the t1 and t2 transverse processes, since you asked. Look it up).

Please, don’t have pity on me. Because I have nothing but gratitude.