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I have more than a few friends who many consider to be heroes.

There are a few friends that have built and sold companies for billions of dollars.

I have more than a few friends with Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, Olympic medals, or Clios. There is at least one with a bunch of awards from the Cannes Film Festival.

I have friends who’ve reached the summit of Everest and friends who’ve reached the summit of celebrity.

As it turns out, I also have friends that many would consider to be zeroes.

I know more than a couple who have been incarcerated in federal prison.

More than a few who have battled addiction – alcohol, heroin and various other doses of destruction.

I have at least one friend who was a prostitute and another who was publicly fired for repeated sexual harassment.

Do you want to know the difference between the heroes and the zeroes?