I have a dream.

In my dream, I am flying. I am soaring above the earth. It feels effortless. I feel free. The wind is blowing through my hair like I’m in a Clairol commercial.

I’m not wearing a cape or a mask or any other silly trappings of a celluloid superhero.

I’m not a superhero. I’m just me. I’m flying effortlessly over the city in my regular pants and t-shirt.

I’m smiling and I’m laughing and, though I know I may fall victim to gravity at any moment, in this particular moment I am weightlessly invincible.

And then I wake up.

extraordinary matrix

Your Daily Life Choice

Every day you are given a choice.
Like in The Matrix, you can take the red pill or the blue.

Choose the red pill and you’ll experience the day as the most uniquely exceptional version of yourself. You will accomplish miraculous things that leave others in awe. You will move the world with your efforts.

You will fly.

Or you can choose the blue pill.

If you do that, you’ll live just another day doing the same thing you’ve always done in the same way you’ve always done it. Nothing terrible will happen, but neither will anything extraordinary. You’ll travel on a treadmill of mediocrity; just another figure that blends into the landscape of life.

So tell me, what are you going to do?
Are you ready to fly?

The choice is all yours.

The Power of Gravity on Your Dreams

As for me, I have dreams. I have big dreams.

I want to fly. I want to soar above the world.

I want to change lives.
I want to make waves that ripple the waters for generations to come.

I want to be remembered.
For doing good.
For helping people shine.
For lifting others up on my shoulders and helping them grasp for stars that were otherwise out of their reach.

But it’s so hard to consistently live that life.

It’s hard to soar when gravity is constantly pulling you down to earth.

If it were only as easy as when I’m asleep. If it were only so effortless to defy gravity.

But it’s not.
It’s far from it.