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You probably believe Amazon is an online retailer.
Well, you’re wrong.

You probably also believe that McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant.
Wrong again, bruh.

Because you got those two wrong, I’m gonna bet you don’t even know what your own true job is.

But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. More on that in a minute.

First, Amazon.

True Job Amazon

Amazon’s True Job

Here’s an interesting fact: More than 40% of all e-commerce transactions in the US are made on Amazon. The next closest competitor (which, by the by, is Walmart) only accounts for 6.3% of the transactions.

Basically, there is no 2nd place.

Here’s another interesting fact: There are 148 million people who have Amazon Prime subscriptions. Keep in mind, there are only 123 million households in the US. That’s 1.2 Prime memberships per every single household in the United States.

Clearly, the benefits of free and fast shipping far outweigh the nominal fee.

This is partly why over 2 million businesses sell their products through Amazon. It’s also why Amazon will ship nearly 6 billion packages in 2023.

Let that number sink in for a second. 6 BILLION. With a “B.”

That’s meaningfully more than UPS (5.3 billion) and nearly doubl