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Having a bad day? Tell me about it. Go ahead, I dare you.


I ran into an uncomfortable situation recently. The most uncomfortable part of the situation was that I was seemingly the only person who was uncomfortable with the situation.

Here’s what happened.

A person was being hired for a middle management role at Company X. This person was offered a salary and then countered with a higher salary request. Company X accepted the counter and offered the person the job.

Nothing bad so far, right?


Let’s continue.

The salary the person was given was actually a higher salary than what was already being paid to an existing employee in a more senior role.

Getting worse, eh?

Read on.

It turns out that the new middle-management hire was a white male. The existing senior-level employee was female (who, by the by, also identified as LGBT, which is not my main point but it doesn’t hurt to bring it up in this instance).

Now there are problems.

When I found out about the discrepancy, I contacted HR and raised the issue with them. They were aware that they were paying the white guy more money than the senior female employee, they just didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Nobody will know,” they told me.

“But *I* know,” I replied. “And you know.” Then I went on a tirade about the inequity.