Ever since that whole pandemic phase we went through, there’s been a lot more talk about life balance and stability.

That makes sense.

I mean, if you peruse the history of previous pandemics, you’ll see they’re always followed by a renaissance in economic, cultural and personal balance and stability.

Here’s the problem…

Most people don’t understand the multiple ways that balance and stability impact their lives.

It starts with a test.

stability at work balance on one foot

The Stability Life Test

Try this test.
Right now. Try it now.

Stand up.

Now lift one foot about 12” above the ground and balance on your other foot. After 30 seconds, close your eyes and stay balanced for at least 15 seconds.

That’s the test.

Regardless of your health profile, despite diabetes, high BMI or other similar ailments, your longevity in life is related to your ability to stand on one leg with your eyes closed.

It’s true.

If you are in your early fifties and can’t balance on one foot with your eyes closed for just 10 seconds, you are at least two times more likely to die by the time you’re 65.

If you made it less than 2 seconds, you are 3 to 4x more likely to die by 65.

My point is that stability plays a vital role in your life, whether you are aware of it or not.

stability at work stagnation

The Meaning of Stability

If you actually did the test, you probably experienced a hyperawareness of your foot’s relations