Caterpillars are not butterflies.

Sure, sure… butterflies emerge from caterpillars, but just pretend you didn’t know that part. There’s no way you would ever assume that a butterfly began as a caterpillar any more than you’d think a bird started off its life as a worm. Which, for clarity, it didn’t.

In fact, they are on completely different sides of the food chain.

There are some pretty stark differences between caterpillars and butterflies. As different as a human is to a seahorse. For instance:

  • One eats only solids the other only liquids
  • One has six eyes the other only two
  • One sees black and white the other color
  • One has reproductive organs the other doesn’t

I’m telling you… they aren’t the same. Not even close.

Think of any other living being in its state as a child and then as an adult – there’s continuity in its growth. A baby bird looks and acts like an adult bird. A baby fish looks and acts like an adult fish. A baby human looks and acts like an adult human (you know what I mean).

But a baby butterfly looks and acts nothing like a butterfly.

If you know an entrepreneur or, God forbid, you ARE an entrepreneur, this is critically important to understand.

Read on, Rabbit…

leadership transformation

The Cater-preneur

There simply isn’t a better metaphor for personal transformation than that of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

However (and this is a big however), the fun fact they don’t tell you is that only 1% of caterpillars actually make it all the way to becoming butterflies. The other 99% fail.

On another note, less than 1% of entrepreneurs are able to grow their business above $10 million. The other 99% fail to do so.

I didn’t think so either.

Now before you get your cute little Paw Patrol panties in a bundle, I’m not saying that entrepreneurs are caterpillars.

On the other hand, maybe I am.

Ok, let’s run with this.