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purpose and motivation

I’ve been focused this past week on trying to lose some El Bs. Intermittent fasting, smaller meal portions, you know the deal.

I got dressed yesterday and, for the first time in many a moon, it felt like I was making progress. I actually felt more svelte. When I was taking the puppy for a walk, my pants were even slipping off my hips. It felt great. I felt great.

It’s amazing how much that feeling of progress can improve one’s emotional state.

I was more productive yesterday. More focused. Happier.
I felt like I had purpose and was motivated to lose more weight. I finally was on the right track.

All of that changed at 2:00.

When I stood up from where I was sitting, my pants slipped off my hips as they had been doing since that morning. I pulled them up. But when I did, I noticed something…

My pants were unbuttoned.

They’d been unbuttoned all day.