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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been misled your entire life. Let me explain how.

It starts with fire and the wheel.

I know that cavemen discovered how to harness fire about 1 million years ago. It was a big discovery, of course. I’m sure there was a caveman party or some sort of celebratory shindig.

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Fast forward a generation or two later, and I envision a caveman dressed in the latest Fred Flinstone fashion, sitting in his cave on a nice autumn day as he chiseled away on a stone. Suddenly – whamo – he discovered the wheel.

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Why the cave people needed a wheel a million years ago is probably a good question, but I’m not interested in logic right now.

Fire was harnessed and then the wheel was invented shortly thereafter.
Are you with me on this so far?

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the wheel was not invented by cavemen 1 million years ago. Actually, it came into existence in 3500 BC, a mere 5,000-ish years ago. Which feels about how long it’s taken me to write this article.

Keep in mind that the world was already pretty advanced by 3500 BC.

Urban planning and irrigation systems were already in exist