I decided to do something different this week.

First of all, I am so eternally humbled and grateful for you and the other 10k+ leaders who subscribe to this newsletter. An extra thanks to all the people who contact me with their comments or questions (exceptin’ for the person who threatened to punch me in the face – you know who you are).

In my role as an executive coach and a fix-the-problems business consultant, I often get asked for help. So I decided to answer a couple of perplexing Letters to the Editor below.

There’s a little ditty about fault and responsibility, followed by a question around healthy work environments.

Enjoy, amigo.

fault responsibility

Fault vs Responsibility

Dear Jeff Matlow,

I am a leader at a SaaS company in Ohio. We had a big product launch recently from which I was expecting to gain a lot of traction. In the end, the product failed. I am trying to determine who’s fault it is. Can you help?

Here are the facts:

  • The Product and Development team were 6 weeks late with launch