Thursday night TV was everything when I was a kid.

I’d be on our couch by no later than 6:55, drink and snacks at the ready. I wasn’t going to miss a single solitary second of my favorite shows.

Don’t even call me between 7 and 11 pm. It doesn’t matter the reason, I won’t answer.

Thursday night was my joy. Everything was fine with my TV-watching process. I had no problems at all. Nothing needed to be fixed.

Then DVRs were invented.

<sigh-like exhale>

In an instant, I realized that I had been watching television incorrectly all along. I had a problem and I didn’t even know it.

customer's problems heel

The Problem With My Heel

I’m a runner. I run as much as possible.

Running relaxes my brain and helps me maintain what little sanity I have remaining at the end of the day.

Lately, I’ve been running more often than usual. I’ve been pounding the pavement two times per day, almost every day. I’m averaging about 12 runs per week.

You may call it crazy. I call it calming.

Still, I have no naïveté when it comes to fitness regimens. I know that the body doesn’t always like sudden build-ups of exercise. And when the body doesn’t like something it gets pretty stubborn and usually revolts.

This brings me to the super steep, gruelingly hot, and amazingly liberating trail run I went on recently.

Later in the day, after I had finished the run, my heel started hurting. And it started hurting a lot.

It was a piercing, ice-pick-stuck-into-the-bone type of pain. I couldn’t walk on my heel without cringing in agony. Standing still even initiated a sweat-inducing wave of pain.

Gosh darnnit.

After a day or two of this, I decided to consult the wise and wonderful Dr. Google for some medical advice.

customer's problems doctor google


With a bit of searching and symptom analysis, I came to the conclusion that I had a fractured heel. And, surprise surprise, it was an overuse injury.

The calcaneus fracture that Doc Google diagnosed me with would set me back for 3 months. Three months with no running or walking.

This definitely is not good for me… or my marriage.

I started icing the heel three times per day as Google instructed. I remained prone and stayed off of the heel as much as possible.

Stop being a fool and call a real doctor,” my wife said to me one night during my usual bout of manplaining

[Editor’s Note: “manplaining” is like mansplaining, but it’s the complaining version]

So I took my wife’s advice and called a real doctor. Meaning one whose name d