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In 1996, social psychologist, Roy Baumeister, used chocolate chip cookies and radishes to prove an important point about human behavior.

Here’s what he did.

He baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and put them in a room, filling up the air with all its freshly baked ooey-gooey aroma. Yum.

He also put in the room a bowl of radishes.

He then brought a group of people into the room who, no doubt, were salivating for some scrumptious, freshly baked cookies.

Truth be told, I’m salivating a bit right now as well.

However, he instructed the subjects that they could NOT eat the cookies. They had to eat the radishes and only the radishes.

Then the researchers left the room.

The group reluctantly ate the radishes. But dag-nubbit if their minds weren’t on the cookies the entire time. I mean, how can you avoid it, what with that w