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Back in the olden days, thought leadership required thinking and leadership.

Steve Jobs was a thought leader.

His thoughts were groundbreaking. They changed the world. Just ask Polaroid or Timex for their feelings about that.

Steve’s leadership was legendary. He formulated an idea in his parents’ garage and built it into the most valuable company in the world.

Thanks to television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and high-profile events, his message was spread to the masses.

Henry Ford was a thought leader too.

His thinking was groundbreaking as well. In a world of horses, he envisioned the automobile.

His leadership was legendary. Henry Ford proved to the world that you can build complex products with unskilled labor.

Unlike Jobs, Henry didn’t have TV, magazines, billboards, or even the Internet to spread his thoughts and leadership ideas. Back then, one had to rely on only newspapers and word of mouth to promote your thinking.

It was tough to be a thought leader.

I tell you all of this because thought leadership is more important now than ever.

In fact, it’s also easier than ever. You no longer have to think or lead in order to be a thought leader.

It’s true.
Stick with me here. Let me explain.