In this episode, I dive into the rabbit hole of open door policies.

Spoiler alert: I think an open door policy is a bunch of hogwash in a barrel of baloney.

I talk about how transparent communication is destroyed when you throw up barriers and why having an open door policy is really a self-centered, borderline egotistical move.

Some interesting topics that are discussed:

  • That time I walked through a door. While it was still closed.
  • How the term “Open Door Policy” came into being.
  • The intention of the so-called policy
  • The brutal reality of an open door policy
  • What you need to do instead

This episode is full of useful information that, at the very least, will be good fodder for your next cocktail party. At it’s best, it will have you rethink the way you are communicating with your team.

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Show Notes

[0:00] Introduction

[0:18] When I was 10 years old

[2:39] The history of “open door policies”

[5:00] Benefit of open door policies

[5:20] Pareto principle in open door policies

[7:15] The problem with the open door policy

[9:30] The solution to an open door policy

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