Do you want to be liked by everybody?
I hope not.

In this episode, I dive into the true essence of leadership and why the best leaders prioritize fixing issues and helping others improve, even when it means making unpopular decisions.

I also talk about the importance of working effectively with everyone, even if they don’t like you.

Listen to this short episode in order to understand how consistency, empathy, decisiveness, and accountability are the cornerstones of respected leadership.

Jeff’s Bio

Bios are boring. But you know what’s fun? Poems.
And since poems are so much fun,
I turned my bio into one.

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Show Notes

[0:00] Introduction

[0:40] You don’t need to like me

[1:18] I haven’t always liked myself

[1:37] Digging the hole

[2:37] How to be a good leader

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