Steve Jobs was the Leonardo da Vinci of modern times. His successes in so many areas have dramatically altered human behavior for billions of people, across every corner of the world (assuming, of course, the world has corners. Separate conversation).


Of all his humanity-altering accomplishments, perhaps the most awe-inspiring feat Steve Jobs accomplished was executing the greatest con the world has seen.

Here’s the con: Steve Jobs got millions of people to buy one-thousand dollar computers by convincing them they were buying a phone.

He even called it a phone. An iPhone.

Yet the iPhone is not a phone. It has a phone, yes, but that’s probably the least important element of the device.

He took an everyday item and embed it in a computer.


Elon Musk is pulling the same type of con. He’s convinced the world that Tesla is a car company.

It’s not.

Tesla is a battery company.

He’s revolutionizing batteries but, alas, people don’t obsess over what battery they want. So he wrapped his battery in the frame of a product people do obsess over: a car.

Voila. He’s suddenly the most valuable battery company in the world.

Don’t Go Changin’

After 40 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that Billy Joel was right. You don’t actually have to go changin’ to try and please me.

Humans don’t like change. For all the talk about living on the edge or thinking outside the box, we are