Uncovering the obstacles holding back your growth

What it is

A 360-assessment of your company that explores key factors related to productivity, leadership and market opportunities.

  • Identify potential issues within business operations
  • Identify potential communication challenges
  • Clarify reputation in the marketplace
  • Receive actionable steps to rectify the above

Who it is for

Any small to mid-sized company interested in accelerating growth.

What you will uncover

Insights and actionable feedback around:

  • Business operations
  • Internal communication
  • Company culture
  • Decision making
  • Market reputation
  • Other areas important to you and your organization

This includes actionable strategies to up-level your business and an initial roadmap for growth.

Interested in getting a Growth Assessment for your company?

business growth - by title only with jeff matlow

How it works

The Growth Assessment takes a three phased approach.

  1. Exploration
    • Phone calls with select management and employees*
  2. Outreach
    • 5-10 minute survey for management and employees*
  3. Analysis
    • Analyze and report on findings
    • Review findings with leadership
    • Provide actionable steps for growth
By Title Only with Jeff Matlow

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