An invite-only executive group focused on addressing the challenges of leadership

What it is

A confidential, invite-only collective of like-minded leaders who provide mutual aid to help address your biggest challenges – whatever they may be.

Who it is for

Leaders who are (or have been) Director to C-level at a midsize or large company – or – VP+ at a small company (at least $5M revenue).

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Why it exists

It’s easier than ever to feel alone. When it comes to overcoming obstacles or addressing problems, it’s harder for leaders to find an understanding peer group. Executive Session is that group.

How it works

Executive Session is a 30-minute gathering with general and break-out activities.

  • Suggest and vote on the monthly topics.
  • Think of your current leadership challenges
  • At the session
    • Get matched with 2-4 other leaders
    • Discuss the group topic and your personal topics
    • Meet and engage with new peers

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What you will get

  • A new group of like-minded peers
  • A safe and confidential place to discuss your challenges
  • An opportunity to give and get feedback
  • A realization that your challenges aren’t unique

Sample Topics

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Dealing with challenging Board members
  • Toxic employee who is a great performer
  • Motivating remote workforce
  • Allowing employees to work while traveling

Interested in joining the Executive Session sessions?