Outstanding. Stimulating. Powerful. [Jeff] prompts us to rethink the little things we do every day.”

DAVE M. (CEO/Entrepreneur)

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    • 7 minutes to read

      This one time in one of my companies, an employee said to me, “You’re not like other leaders. You’re normal” This bugged me. A lot.

    • 5 minutes to read

      I've seen many leaders look at their monthly financials and believe they are a valid indicator of the company's future growth. They aren't. You can't see the future by looking behind you.

    • 3 minutes to read

      Go ahead, tell me how you’re having a bad day. Tell me how you woke up late. Or how you stubbed your toe. Tell me your coffee was too sweet or too strong.

    • 6 minutes to read

      Every company reaches plateaus in their growth. However, simply because you're still growing doesn't mean you're moving forward. Stagnation depends on the perspective.

    • 5 minutes to read

      The world is changing in the favor of freedom. More and more behavior is shifting to allow it to be done within the freedom of each individual's time and place. is your company making the shift?

    • 8 minutes to read

      Artificial Intelligence isn't just replacing internet searches. That's just the tip of the iceberg. AI is doing things that will make you wonder what is real. And if you're not using it, you'll be replaced.

    • 5 minutes to read

      You've heard all the hype about Artificial Intelligence, but do you realize how quickly your daily interactions are changing? It's time to take the red pill.

    • 4 minutes to read

      Celebrity is not superiority Wealth is not intelligence. Leadership is not a title. We are all human - deal with it.

    • 7 minutes to read

      Your life- and whether or not you’re a great leader - is defined by your meaning and purpose. You may not know what your purpose is, but I guarantee that you have one.

    • 3 minutes to read

      ’Twas the day before bonus and all through the Zoom, Not a person was smiling, no one in the room.

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